Sint maarten is made of different shopping districts, each with its unique buried treasure. The biggest shopping area is Philipsburg, the capital on the Dutch area. Since the 18th century, Philipsburg recently been the a center of international commerce and today, it is full of numerous shops and small business. Front Street has a number of world r… Read More

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Do remember those family trips you took? When you're young, going on a trip is like a wondrous adventure. It is easy to regain that feeling. Search the web for travel locales. Ask you friends for some advice. Have the whole family decide. Consider some of the tips in… Read More

No matter where you travel destination may be, this article is going to give you vital information. Whether you choose a plane, train, automobile or boat, you will appreciate some shrewd tips on how to enjoy your travel experience.When traveling internationally, do not keep all your valuables in one place. Separate your passport, identifying inform… Read More

When you travel, whether for pleasure or business, it's important that you plan the trip with plenty of time. This advice will prove to be of help.Pack lightly when traveling. People always tend to pack much more than is necessary, and end up using only about half of what they take. Choose a few items that you can wear multiple times, and try to co… Read More